From Airport to High: The Ultimate Cannabis Tour Experience in Denver

From Airport to High: The Ultimate Cannabis Tour Experience in Denver

If you're planning to visit Denver and want to experience the marijuana culture, there's a new option for you: the "Cannabis Experience." This marijuana-focused tour bus company offers airport pick-ups and drop-offs, as well as smoking tours around the city.

The "Cannabis Experience" provides a unique and educational experience for cannabis enthusiasts. With knowledgeable tour guides, visitors can learn about the history and culture of marijuana while enjoying the sights and sounds of Denver.

The tour bus is equipped with comfortable seating and air conditioning, as well as a smoke-friendly environment. The company offers a variety of tours, including a "Cannabis City Tour," a "Cannabis Grow Tour," and a "Cannabis Dispensary Tour."

The "Cannabis Experience" is a great way to explore Denver's marijuana culture while staying safe and legal. With its convenient airport pick-ups and knowledgeable guides, this tour bus company is a must-try for any cannabis enthusiast visiting Denver.

The Cannabis Experience plans to expand its fleet of canna-buses to offer tours of Denver and its neighboring suburbs, including visits to marijuana grows and other attractions, pending local regulations. This move comes after the development of the marijuana hospitality license in 2019, which allows patrons to smoke, eat or vape cannabis onsite. Prior to this license, there were only two places in Denver where cannabis enthusiasts could consume legally, but now businesses like The Cannabis Experience can offer a new type of service for both locals and tourists. 

(Photo by Richard Vogel, The Associated Press)

Learn more about the Cannabis Experience bus tour here 

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