Ambassador / Affiliate Application

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New to performance advertising?
If you're completely new to performance advertising then we can provide you with free tutorials and help on how to be successful. If you're an experienced marketer then you will love our state-of-the art technology platform, our rich suite of creatives, and our real-time reporting capabilities. You might also be able to negotiate a custom insertion order with us to better fit your requirements.

How it works?
You get paid by advertising performance campaigns to your audience on your blog, website, newsletter, search landing page and social media outlets. Depending on the specific terms of our agreement you can get paid as frequently as daily, using direct deposit into your bank account.

Tiered Affiliate Programs Available
Affiliate programs (Standard Affiliate Commission, Premier Affiliates, Custom Affiliate Programs) require affiliates to meet certain expectations as defined by the PCKT Vapor brand and affiliates are expected to meet these requirements quarterly in order to remain within or move up tiers. Not sure on which tier works best for you? Once you have signed up for our affiliate program we will send you a message with information on the different tiers and requirements and select the best fitting program for you.