Magnetic Adapters Plus


Lost your magnetic adapters, or maybe you just want a spare set to store in your SNAP Tool? You're in luck! We have a whole set of magnetic adapters just for you! Kit includes 1x Short Adapter for 0.5ml (0.5 gram) cartridges & 1x Tall Adapter for 1mL (1 gram) cartridges. These adapters are meant to last the life of the device and should NOT be thrown away when cartridges are finished.  

*Compatible with PCKT One Plus & Two Only*

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At PCKT Vapor we refuse to stop improving our current product line and this is true even for the accessories. Numerous improvements have been made to the Magnetic Adapters since we first launched the PCKT One.

  • Gold plated, the new and improved Magnetic Adapters give a true wattage output for consistent hits every time.
  • Cut outs on the top of the Magnetic Adapters allow for maximum airflow for both top and bottom airflow cartridges.
  • The addition of the small notch on top of the center pin makes connection issues a thing of the past.


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