How To Fill a 510 Cartridge With CBD & THC Distillate

Filling a 510 Cartridge with CBD & THC Oil

A step by step guide on how to fill your SPRK 510 Cartridge with CBD & THC oil using a distillate syringe. Watch video here

Step 1. Unscrew the cap of your 510 cartridge and make sure that inside and out the cartridge is free and clear of debris and residue. If there is any remaining oil in the cartridge from the last fill, make sure the oil hasn't hardened or crystallized as this may affect the coils ability to soak up the new concentrates.

Tip: Some cartridges, like our SPRK Cartridge, are meant to be re-used while other cartridges are not. Older style cartridges that use cotton wicking technology won't last as long as the newer style, all ceramic wicks. If you start to experience a burnt taste in your mouth when hitting your cartridge its probably time for a new one. 

Step 2. Take the cap or plug off of your CBD or THC distillate syringe and in one hand take your open, empty cartridge and in the other hand take your syringe. Slowly squeeze the end of the syringe into the open top of the cartridge. Be sure not to fill the center post with concentrates and only fill the open outer edge of the cartridge. The center post is what contains the coil and where the air will pass through when you are taking a hit. Filling this part of the cartridge will damage the coil and render the cartridge unusable. Work slowly and pause to let the oil sink into the cartridge before continuing to fill. 

Tip: If your CBD or THC oil is too thick and you're having difficulties getting it to flow in your cartridge, take a hair dryer or heat gun and while holding the syringe upside down with the filling tip facing upwards and the plunger facing downwards, apply heat to the sides of the syringe. Spin the syringe to evenly heat the oil. This will make the oil more viscous and easier to pour into the cartridge. 

Step 3. Leave the top 1-2mm of the cartridge free of oil to allow air into the cartridge. Once the oil is nearing the top of the cartridge stop pushing the plunger of the syringe and let the cartridge sit upright for a few minutes. Once the oil has fully dropped down into the cartridge screw the cap back onto the cartridge and store it upright for at least 2 hours to fully wick. We recommend leaving it overnight to allow for the oil to fully soak into the coils before taking your first hit, but 2 hours is the minimum amount of time before you should take your first hit. 

Tip: The air at the top of the cartridge is to keep pressure inside of the cartridge. This is just a preventative measure that will help to prevent leaking. Factors like air temperature, oil temperature, oil viscosity and wick type all come into play when figuring out the appropriate wicking time for your cartridge. The hotter the temperature the faster the coil will wick, but too hot and your cartridge may leak. We find it best to store the cartridges in a cool dry area between 65-80 degrees Fahrenheit (18-27 Celsius). Newer, ceramic coils/wicks take longer to fully soak but they do a much better job of efficiently heating your oil when compared to the older, cotton style, wicks. 

Step 4. Enjoy your cartridge!

Tip: If your 510 cartridge is leaking, quickly transfer the oil into a new cartridge using the steps above. It may be a difficult task and some loss of oil will inevitably occur, but it's better than losing the whole cartridge. Remember that not all cartridges are created equally, older style cartridges are much more prone to leaking than newer style cartridges like our SPRK Cartridge. Some cartridges like our SPRK Cartridge are better equipped to handle thicker concentrates than other cartridges on the market so be sure to do your research before investing your money in a cartridge. Oil is expensive and it would be a shame to go for a cheaper, low quality cartridge and ruin your expensive distillate. Check out our SPRK Cartridges on our website HERE

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Kenon Johnson

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