Leafly: PCKT One Plus Review

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Add to my arsenal of toys way too go go can hold a button over just inhale fast heat up time grab one you like it 😊

Wayne Santos March 08, 2023

Was thinking about ordering one but i wanted to know to know if it comes in a discrete package when shipped

Thomas November 24, 2020

Second to none !!this thing is a beast doesn’t get any better than this battery can’t wait for the new vertical with typce c charging to get here

Dean Griffin November 24, 2020

I’ve jumped ship!……
Now I just reach in my Pckt!…
Love the colors and the auto draw is the bomb💥 not to mention power! Could jumpstart a Harley with this thing!….
Seriously great size fits into my hip Pckt and in my palm as well not bulky and conspicuous, all my friends & new acquaintances love it and makes a great conversation piece, thanks to Aaron & the people at Pckt!…..

John February 17, 2020

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