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Our Latest 510 Battery for 2020 the VRTCL

Our Latest 510 Battery for 2020 the VRTCL

     The new VRTCL 510 battery is our latest and greatest advancement in the 510 cartridge battery industry. To date this batter is the most advanced and most customizable battery the cartridge industry has ever seen. Not only is the VRTCL the most advanced battery we have ever made it's also the easiest to use. Taking into account all of the feedback we had received when making the PCKT One and the later PCKT One Plus, we wanted to make something that encompassed all the same features our customers have come to know and love, with new technology like our RCKT 2 Chip and USB-C. The RCKT 2 Chip & USB-C charging are only the tip of the iceberg with the new VRTCL 510 battery. The VRTCL also boasts more efficient batteries and power consumption meaning a smaller battery could be used without sacrificing any battery life. Five uniquely tuned power modes allow you to fine tune your device to your needs making every hit a perfect one.  


  • 5 Power Modes (2.43, 2.73, 3.09, 3.54 & 3.84 Watts)
  • 380 mAH Lithium Ion Battery
  • USB-C Charging w/Pass-Through Charging
  • RCKT 2 Chip
  • 5 LED Brightness Levels

Power Modes & RCKT 2 Chip

     With the new VRTCL we really kicked things up a notch and added two additional power modes over the PCKT One Plus allowing you dial in the right power output for your cartridge no matter what the brand or concentrates are. In addition to adding two power modes, we have also completely reworked the power outputs and lowered them to meet the new industry requirements set by large cartridge manufacturers. This, in combination with our proprietary RCKT 2 Chip means that you will never have to worry about setting a power mode that is too high for your cartridge to handle. Other pen style batteries on the market often leave you with burnt taste in your mouth, indicating the power output was too high for the cartridge you are using. We took this into consideration when redesigning the  original RCKT Chip and bringing you the new and improved RCKT 2 Chip. The RCKT 2 Chip uses technology to test the oHms of your cartridge before allowing power to go to the cartridge. The small signal the device receives back tells it whether or not the selected power mode is too high for that cartridge. If the power mode selected is too high for the cartridge the RCKT 2 Chip will lower the power output of the VRTCL to a setting that won't burn and ruin your coil. 

USB-C Charging & Pass-Through Charging

     Pass-through charging has always been a standard feature on PCKT devices, but USB-C is new for us. The VRTCL is the first USB-C product we have come out with and you can be sure to see every chargeable product from here on out to have USB-C as a standard. USB-C actually allows us to update your VRTCL on the fly too! If ever there were a major software upgrade or bug needing to be fixed, we can have you send in your device and we can adjust the software in house! USB-C also allows for faster charging. With 45 minutes for a full charge and a full charge lasting you up to a month depending on use, you can spend more time with your VRTCL in your pocket or your hand instead of on the charger or in the car. 

LED Brightness Levels

     Some of our PCKT One and PCKT One Plus Customers asked if they could get a more customizable battery than just being able to change the power modes. So, in addition to the standard adjustable power, we also added a setting to be able to change the brightness of the LED ring. With 5 brightness levels ranging from barely visible to bright white, you can be sure there is a perfect brightness setting for you. With the ability to make an already compact and discrete battery even more discrete, who wouldn't want to take a hit using the VRTCL where you're not supposed to? 

     The amount of time spent and attention to detail that went into making the VRTCL is truly a feat on its own. But, the final product being as breathtakingly slim and sleek as it is, is the real magic. Artfully crafted, the VRTCL breaks conventional design standards and offers a simple yet elegant way to vape your favorite 510 cartridges and concentrates. You will definitely turn heads when pulling this out of your pocket the next time you go to a smoke sesh with your friends. 


To learn more about the VRTCL or to purchase one today click HERE.

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